Sunday, October 23, 2011

Things that make me happy today.

 The jewelry lucky enough to come with me to Romania. :)  I finally organized it all and put it in one place...yeah after 1.5 years. Don't judge.

 It's laundry day today. And why does this make me happy? Because I'm a weirdo and I actually like hanging it up on the drying rack and then folding it. I probably will never even use a dryer again....I mean...yeah right.

 The PC poster that currently lives on my tiny refrigerator. And the quote from my cousin Dara that I love.

 It's raining today which means I get to wear these! Yay target rain boots.

 Reminding me that I've currently finished day 5 of my new stint of P90X! Here's hoping THIS time sticks? I would like to make it past 45 days for once...

 Having a room that is pretty organized and clean. It looks like a lot of stuff but this is the only place I store my clothes, books, school papers, etc. It IS a lot.

 My Romania map showing all the places that I've visited since I've been here. I need to get to the East side!

 My current obsession-making jewelry. Thanks to Becca for showing me how and then to my mom who had a ton of awesome beads from HER college days. I'm an earring making machine.

Lastly, the stack of quizzes and journals that I need to grade. Yes-I love grading. I get the red pen out and I can't stop.

How are you spending YOUR Sunday? Probably with a little football which leaves me extremely jealous. Go SKINS! Hope you all had a great weekend!

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