Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Funday.

I know, I know-TWO POSTS IN ONE DAY. Things are getting crazy up here in Recas. However I just re-discovered my "Photo Booth" application on my Macbook and might have had just a little too much fun with it. So I'm sharing. Because that's what I do. More pics to come tomorrow showcasing events from my weekend. Until then...enjoy.

So I was called a Chipmunk when I was little because of my chubby cheeks. Thanks for all the self esteem boosters people!!  I would say I've definitely graduated to more of a squirrel here, wouldn't you?

I have no idea. All I see here are bags under my eyes. And pointy brows. Ha.

I've come to take over your planet...

OH don't mind my 5-finger forehead. Or that CHIN.

TALK ABOUT CHIN!!! The hair is also taking over.

The double nose piercing look isn't so hot.

This is called thermal. Ironic because I'm freezing over here in my apt tonight.

Hey all you followers-I LOVE YOU for following me and my crazy antics!

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