Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Birthday Weekend.

This past weekend I traveled to Sibiu (yes, it is quickly turning into my second, or actually third home) to celebrate my birthday weekend with some volunteers. Ahhh 26....it just seems so much older to me than 25. I remember when I was little I had planned out my life (because don't we all do that at some point when we're young??) and I remember saying that I would be married at 25 and probably be a veterinarian. (And don't all kids want to be an "animal doctor!? Haha) While clearly my 10 year old plan didn't go as planned, I wouldn't have it any other way.  A year ago I was incredibly excited to turn 25, it just sounded like a great age. And my 25th year was pretty amazing. Living here in Romania, experiencing new things literally each and every day and becoming fluent in a language that I never thought I would even hear, let alone speak. Life has taken me down a crazy road and I've excitedly fastened my seat belt for each new journey to enjoy the ride. (Actually there really aren't many seat belts here in this country..but that's another story) But 26-I have to admit it hasn't been easy to swallow. I'm now closer to 30 than 20. ** trying to wrap head about that one** This past weekend my thoughts have been on life after Peace Corps, what I want to pursue in life-I guess I need to figure that out right? Can someone just pay me to travel? Please?

Here are some pics from the weekend. There aren't many but silly me forgot to pull out my camera and actually use it.
Jeremy climbing the massive church bell tower.

The view from the top! Good ol Sibiu...

Alex taking some shots.

The Liar's Bridge, Piata Mica.  Apparently named for the old gossipy women that used to congregate there. However there are many stories as to why it's actually named that.

In love with this cafe. Look at the old sewing machines! Violins!

Megan a little excited about something. And Marco practicing his hitch-hiking technique.

Check out this pour. I think I just stared at the waitress after she did this.

This is how happy we get when we can actually find Chinese food.

Alex and I on the Liar's Bridge
Oops not ready.
Happy Birthday to Chris too!


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful birthday! Happy 26th chica!

  2. love the picture you took of me, i'm making it my new profile pic!