Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bet your HS dances aren't like this...

Photos from my weekend thus far: The "Balul Bobochilor" is a dance thrown by the 12th graders for the new 9th graders and I was asked to attend last night.  This year I was again on the jury to choose the King and Queen of the dance after a series of 12 competitions. It was hilarious and even better than last year, plus the decorations rocked!  Tonight I went with my students to the Timisoara Opera House to see a comedy play. Pretty successful weekend and it's only Saturday. Here's to laundry, lesson planning and cleaning tomorrow!

*Please excuse the crappy, crappy quality of these pictures. I think my camera is on it's last leg and I hate how fuzzy/terrible my pictures are looking.*
The school gym ready for the competition/dance!

I was sitting here at the  judges table...

This little guy was adorable..just running around following the "big boys" and their cameras.

Part of the "talent" competition-popular music and song.

More competitors from 9th grade.

The photographers for the evening, Radu and Emil (12th grade)

My score card! Pairs 1-5 and then "Fata" for girl and "Baiat" for boy.

She was wrapping eggs in paper towels to throw then at her partner's bucket-see below.

Her poor partner. Haa.

More kids waiting for their turn to dance.

Anticipation of the crowning of the King and Queen!

Can you see all the dancing legs?

Emma, one of my 12th graders singing Adele.  Yeah she's THAT good.

I love how these pictures turned out.

Waiting to enter the Opera House tonight with some of my 9th graders!

Self Explanatory.

Some of my 10th. Love these kids.

Two of my 11th graders. It was their first time at the theater and they didn't know what to expect, hence the fake "worried face".

Hanging out in the center of Timisoara, exactly where the '89 Revolution started.

Inside the Opera

So gorgeous.

My previously worried student, now totally memorized by the play.

My walk home...the Catholic church that lights my way every night.

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