Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Bucket List.

I think everyone should have a Bucket List. Places to see, things to do, life to EXPERIENCE before you leave this world. One of my absolute favorite books of all time is this:

 My mom owns a copy and I remember sitting on my couch at home marking off all the places that I've been and creating a list of places I HAD to get to in the next 5 years. (You know, before a big, important job gives me only 2 weeks of vacation time a year!) At this point, I can cross off my list Ireland, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia, Hawaii, and a big ol' chunk of the US. While I know I'm incredibly lucky to have seen several parts of the world, my soul and spirit long for more. India, Greece, and Turkey are next up and I've been pouring over travel books and researching sites for things to see in each location. It might be an somewhat of an obsession, this traveling thing.

So I started my Bucket List this year and thought that I would share it with you. Some are a bit outlandish (Seychelles Islands-just to get there costs over $10,000 in airfare) but come on, I can dream right? Most of them are related to travel (of course), but at any rate, I'm allowed to dream big and establish my desires and goals for the future. So here they are, in no particular order-the first 20.

1. Walk part of the Great Wall of China

2. Travel to Machu Picchu (this includes making the 3 day hike to the site-no bus for me!) I had a friend who backpacked through South America and did this trip. Her pictures from Machu Picchu literally call me to Peru. And I gotta answer.

Ahh Machu Picchu

3. Ride an elephant. Ok this picture is from Thailand, but I'm hoping during my adventure to India I'll be able to experience my first elephant ride. And I'd like to look as elegant as this lady, however I highly doubt I'll be using my parasol. Instead, both hands will be firmly gripping onto anything that will keep me on top of the animal and off the ground. And holy moly I just realized she is wearing a bikini. Elephant riding at it's finest.
So majestic.

4. Ride a camel.

5. See the pyramids (Basically travel to Egypt)

6. Actually just see all 7 Wonders of the World.

7. Learn Italian-I'm so close with Spanish and now Romanian! They are so similar and I would love to have 4 languages under my belt. That is, if Spanish ever comes back into my little brain. Romanian seems to have taken over.

8. Buy a really great camera and take a photography class.

9. Swim with sharks. (In a cage of course!) Yes, yes I have dreamed of this for awhile. I've you-tubed it, researched it, and I HAVE to do it. Any takers?
Yes. I want to do this.

10. Go to a nude beach and actually go nude. One of the most liberating experiences in my short life was going to a topless beach in Spain with my best friends and "doing as the Spaniards do" as they say.  I love that Europeans are incredibly accepting of their bodies and the beauty in each one of them.

11. Go to a Turkish Bath and have the massage of my life. (Here I come Istanbul!)

12. Travel to Santorini, Greece. (Literally have been dreaming of this place for YEARS.)
Santorini--White houses, blue roofs, amazing scenery.

13. Go on an African Safari.

14. See the Grand Canyon (Really can't believe I haven't done this yet!)

 15. Be on Bourbon street for Mardi Gras one year. (Preferably before I'm 30 and can't handle it. :)

 16. Travel to the Seychelles Islands. (BIG, BIG STRETCH HERE)I learned about the Seychelles while I was in college and have been fascinated with them ever since. Located in the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles are a groups of 115 most beautiful islands I have ever seen. Or--researched that is. Not easy to get to however, hence the hefty ticket price.
Part of the Seychelles Islands. Yes please sign me up.

17. Own a dog. Preferably another Great Dane.
The best lap dogs ever. Seriously miss my Dane "Dakota"!

 18. Learn to play the harp. (OK RANDOM I know. However since I was little I wanted to play but settled on the piano instead. I love this picture. Can't you see me in my tunic and long flowing hair with the sun shinning down on me in my sitting room strumming the harp?! Haha)

I want to be her. Minus the tunic.

19. Re-learn how to play the piano. (Mom and
Dad-I'm sorry all those years of piano lessons were wasted on me! I should have kept practicing like you said! I regret giving it up.)

20.  And the last for now, is to participate in the "Runa-Muck" 5k race that happens near my hometown every year. This race is tough, extreme, and dirty. You climb ropes, crawl through mud, and basically have the time of your life...while running. I have several friends who have done it and after my successful 5k race here in Romania, I'm ready to run my 1st in the US-mud and all.
Doesn't this look like fun??

Cool shades dude.
 So, there ya go. The first 20 "To Dos" on my very own Bucket List. Maybe I should have created two and dedicated one just to travel. :)

Hope you all had a great weekend.
Ahhh I can't wait!


  1. don't foget that one of your "must see" places is sighet; whenever you feel like up to it give me a call or email me, I'll be here for you; You will totally enjoy a wekend up here in the northest part of the country

    I enjoy your blog a lot!!!!

    remember me???

  2. of course I remember you!!! and i will DEFINITELY BE CALLING YOU when I'm up there!! Can't wait. :)