Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I confess. (Part II)

I confess...that since I was home sick today I watched a few episodes of Hoarders and got so creeped out that I immediately got out of bed and cleaned my apartment. I mean, COME ON people...if 13 of your 36 cats are DEAD in your HOME and you haven't noticed, it's time for an intervention. Accept the help.

I confess...I made the most awful cookies yesterday. I substituted brown sugar for regular sugar and let me tell you it did not turn out ok. Flat, grainy, cookies. Ew.

I confess...I still ate one of them. (Hey-I had to try it!)

I confess...I have read and re-read A Midwife's Apprentice probably about 20 times. Maybe 25. And Where the Wild Things Are is one of my favorite childhood books. The other is Ride a Purple Pelican (which is out of print so if anyone can find it--I'll make you cookies that are actually good!!)

I confess...I ripped my nose piercing out of my nose while I was washing my face today. It wasn't the first time and it wasn't pleasant and I might have screamed.

I confess...I have a slight obsession with old school 90's rap. It makes me move...what can I say?

I confess...I'm in the middle of planning a Halloween Festival for the kids at my school and I decided today that my costume is going to be a cowgirl. Giddy-Up.

I confess...I'm out of peanut butter from the states and I might be going through serious withdrawals. My apples slices are naked without peanut butter. 

I confess...I'm majorly stressed about life after Peace Corps. Wasn't that on my last "I Confess" list? What do I want to do after, where, how, when...ahhhhh.

I Confess...I have been researching locations to reflect after my PC service and I've settled on 3 countries to see and explore. Details to come later!

I Confess... When I was cleaning, I found what appears to be a green, fuzzy pig's ear behind my oven. There. Are. No. Words.

  Hope you're having a great week!

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  1. Ew! to your last confession.

    Ride a Purple Pelican looks to be available on Amazon for new or used purchase...