Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Flu shots and a Festival.

Hey ya'll. 

My 'after shower make-up free mug' for you all. Get it? Ooooh I've been living alone for too long. :)

Sitting here after another session of P90X workouts (I WILL make it to 90 days this time!!) and enjoying a hot cup of cider in my homemade coffee mug-cider which recently arrived with a wonderful care package! Yum. Today was cool but not enough to need a jacket-much like fall should be which made me happy. For awhile I was worried we had jumped right into winter but it seems we'll be able to bask in the sun for at least another week. Perfect for my Halloween Festival!

Since last year's festival was such a hit, there was no doubt I would do a 'round dos'. Thats "two" in Spanish. (And if you didn't know that don't feel bad--that's the extent of my Spanish these days as well. Horrible.) SO I've been planning my festival for next Monday. We will of course have a costume contest, pumpkin contest, face painting, relay races, singing (in English!) and prizes. However this year I am adding some skits presented by my amazing 11th grade (they wrote ghost stories), and a PIE EATING CONTEST. It's going to be great and I can't wait to show you pictures next week. Pray that everything comes together in time and we raise the funds to get all materials needed.

I've also started doing some tutoring sessions after school and I love them. We're having so much fun (I'm teaching a 9th and 10th grader) and this past week they thought it was my birthday and brought me these AMAZING orange roses.  So sweet. I told them it was the 7th but that I ALWAYS love flowers and we would celebrate my day again, right there. They will be getting candy next week. :)

I love that in Romania, they always add ribbon and awesome leaves to the arrangements.
Today I also got a site visit from good ol' Dr. Dan and our Safety and Security Officer, Cristi. Dr. Dan gave me my flu shot and Cristi checked over everything in my apartment to make sure I was safe and the smoke and gas detectors were in working order.  They also ended up taking a bunch of things a former volunteer left at my site (her water filter, PC books, REFRIGERATOR, smoke detector...) Now I won't have to try to lug them to Bucharest when I leave country. Whew. 

Well-off to finish lesson planning and preparing for tomorrow. Hope you all are having a great week!

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