Thursday, February 23, 2012

What a Wednesday.

Yesterday was kind of...well, weird. 

You see-if there is one thing I've learned here in Romania and during my time in the Peace Corps, it is that you can plan all you want, but usually (most likely) something will happen and you will have to make do with whatever life throws at you. Flexibility right?

What is that famous saying? "God laughs when we try to make plans"?

But let's back up, shall we?

Wednesdays are usually my "long day". I have two classes in the morning, a break, then two more classes until 2:30PM. Then, I teach an Adult English class for my professors until around 4:30PM. After that, I teach an Adult English class for my community from 6-7:30PM. So after all is said and done, I'm usually working from I said, a long day.

I had worked hard to plan for this past Wednesday. My lessons were ready and papers were printed out. I was told that there would be a reporter from Timisoara coming to see my Adult Community English class and to interview me, so I had prepared some statements and practiced them in Romanian. I was set. 

I walked into school yesterday morning and everything changed. Five teachers were absent so classes were switched around, hours were changed, and after all was said and done, I was finished at 11:30AM instead of 2:30PM. Sweet. This ended up being perfect because after two weeks of wondering when the plumber would actually show up to work in my bathroom, he decided to come at 11:30AM on a Wednesday, the one day I told him was my "bad day."

God is laughing.


I ran home to meet the plumber and told Vali to call me and let me know if we were still on for the Wednesday Professor class at 3:00PM.  I met the plumbers at the door, and after picking up my shoes and trying to hide my laundry piles,  showed them the bathroom. I then made some lunch while I watched "Downton Abbey". I'm obsessed-thanks Dad!

After some time I started to smell Mr. Clean. Excuse me-"Mr. Proper" is what it is called here in Romania. I keep a full bottle under my bathroom sink to clean with, so I didn't think much of it and continued watching my show while the men worked. In the meantime, Vali called to say we won't have the class as so many teachers were absent, so I was now free until my 6:00PM adult class. Cool.

The Mr. Proper smell is getting stronger and stronger, but I figured they were just cleaning up the floor after working on the pipes. I simply opened my kitchen window and continued watching my show.

After about 2 hours, the men said "We're finished!" and quickly left my apartment without any other explanation. I walked into the bathroom to see the finished product.

And found myself stepping on chicken feathers. Lots and lots of chicken feathers.


I also see my bottle of "Mr. Proper" sitting on the floor. It was full on Tuesday but now has about 1/6 of the bottle left.

Mr. Proper and chicken feathers. Really?!

I will never know what happened in that bathroom, but I know I have a new meter for the hot water and it smells fresh in there. Really Fresh. Mr. Clean Fresh.

Went to my adult class still baffled, and found out the reporter wouldn't be able to make it. So all that Romanian preparation? Yeah.

God is still laughing.

I love that my life here is never boring, nor predictable.

And I wonder if they found a chicken stuck in my water pipes. 

Just a few of the feathers, and the almost empty "Mr. Proper".


  1. This is beyond weird. Next time you should check the work of a repairman, before letting him go. Heck, keep him a hostage if you need to, until the problem is solved (you can try putting a p90x on a door, I hear that works)

    1. Hahaha Lorelei that is so true! I need to keep some p90x bands around. Where do you think the feathers came from??

  2. I don't know what was wrong with your bathroom in the first place, but I can't imagine any operation that would require feathers. Unless... You did say "I met the plumbers at the door", as in more than one. So it only makes sense that if there were two, one of the them drank you bottle of Mr. Proper and then transformed himself into a pigeon and flew over the window. It's known that romanian plumbers do that sometime :-))

    You can always ask the kids at your school to do a small composition to explain the incident, they have a lot of imagination and maybe, just maybe you'le get at the bottom of this -if it will be a homework there's a big chance they'll ask their parents about :)