Thursday, February 16, 2012

Senior Skip Day: Valentine's Day Style.

On Valentine's Day, I was in the teacher's lounge getting ready to walk to my 12th grade class. All of a sudden, Vali walks in and says, "They are all gone. But they left a"

What? They are all gone? It's 12:30-they have 2 more hours of school!

This is the envelope he hands me...

It says, "For our English Teachers Sara & Vali,  From Clasa a-XII-A". They also made sure to add a "with love" heart on the bottom. Classy group.

I open the envelope, thinking "Awww...they made a Valentine for us!"


This is what the letter said.

"Dear Sara and Vali, we are a class in love, we have bussines to do and we are OUT...pls forgive us :). With love (alot) 12th's."

Well. Isn't that something. THEY ALL SKIPPED. All 34 of them.

But could I be mad? Adorable. We just laughed.

And you best believe I gave each and everyone of them an "absent" for the day. I'm no push-over....

I love those twerps.

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  1. Just think that you've managed to bring all of them together, following the same purpose :-))