Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sara is Stuck.

I was working on my lesson plans just now when I got an IM from Sara, a good friend and fellow volunteer here in Romania. Here is our online conversation:
 Sara M: ahhh i am locked in my living room/bedroom
  me: WHAT?hahahah
 Sara M: i was doing p90x
 me: good girl
Sara M: and i locked my band in the door
  and now it wont unlock
 me: bahahaha
 Sara M: what should i do?
 me: omgg
  i dont know!? you will need a bathroom
  omg skype me i gotta see this. I'm so supportive right? Such a good friend. My first response is "you will need a bathroom" and oh yeah, by the way "I GOTTA SEE THIS." So she got on skype and this is what I saw: 
Yes, thats me taking a picture of my screen since my screen shot wasn't working.
not freaking out JUST yet...
  Yeah, she was stuck alright. You can see her p90x band in the door which apparently had the door so jammed that she couldn't get the keys turned or the handle to move. We decided to brainstorm.  Me: "Ok, what can we do here..." (meanwhile, I'm 12 hours away-on a good travel day) Sara M: "Well, I thought I would get my counterpart, who has a copy of my keys, to come over and open it from the other side. But right now my main keys are in the front door so she can't even get in from the outside-right?" Me: "Yeah, that's not going to work. OK so no one can save you from the outside, we have to work from inside your bedroom. What about the hinges?"   Sara M: "They are weird...they don't look American and there is nowhere to put a screwdriver. Plus I don't know if I have any tools in here."  Me: "How bad do you have to go to the bathroom?" (I'M SO THOUGHTFUL.)  Sara M: "Well, not really yet. But I could always live in here for a week with my homemade p90x weights."  Me: "What? What weights?"  Sara M: "My p90x weights that I made. They are borcans (glass jars) filled with corn meal and beans."  Me: "Oh that's good, and I guess you could always pee in a jar..."  Sara M (Giving me a blank stare..)  Meanwhile, she's still working on the door. Jiggling the handle, trying to turn the key, etc. This is what I'm seeing: 
  Sara M: "Thank god the door has glass in it, I can always just break the glass if worse comes to worse, right?"  Me: "Yeah, that's true. But PLEASE cover yourself with a jacket or something before you break it-and how are you going to break it?"  Sara M: "I thought I would just throw a sheet over my body."   Me: " No, no no, something thicker. Jacket. Comforter. Extra Person. need to just break it."  Sara M: "But what will my neighbors think? Actually, (thinking aloud) I do have a bunch of ugly porcelain figures from the past tenant...that would work. And then what do I do with my broken door afterwords?"  Me: "Uhh....take a picture? This has got to go on my blog" (AGAIN, so helpful)  Sara M: "Do I break it from the top or bottom? Maybe I should call the medical doctor on duty."  Me: "Yeah, I would consider this a medical emergency if your bathroom options are jars for the next week...go for it. "   At the time I am posting this blog, Sara is still stuck in her room. Will be back with part two ASAP. Will there be broken glass? Freedom?  Eating corn meal and beans?  Just another Sunday night in the Peace Corps...

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  1. keeping my fingers crossed for Sara to have a large bladder :))))