Monday, February 20, 2012

Sara Escapes!

Preparing to break the window means dressing the part. Swim Cap...obviously.

So while I was waiting in my apartment for Sara M. to figure out what she was going to do, she called a few people to see what she should do. 

The medical doctor on duty told her to call the principal, who had a spare key. (We already decided that wasn't going to work because her keys were in the door, meaning no one could come in from the outside with a spare key)

Her dad and brother told her to call the fire station and get some firemen over there to break down the front door. (The thought of calling 112 and trying to explain the situation in Romanian put us off a little bit..."how do you say 'locked'?? Is it the same as 'closed'??")

The safety and security office said: "Well-this is a first..." Then proceeded to tell her to break door's window, and to send him the bill.

"Is he serious? I can send him the bill?" Sara asked me.

"WELL-this is truly a safety and security issue so yeah, PC is all over that" I assured her.

So, determined to break the window yet keeping safety a number 1 priority, Sara started to dress for the big break.
Well, now she just looks like a thief.

The flashlight decided to use to break the glass.

Gloves. Mismatched. Oh and a scarf
 "Are you ready?" she asked, and before I could answer-BAM! She threw the flashlight and the glass shattered EVERYWHERE. And I mean everywhere. I have no idea what the neighbors could have thought...

She ended up having the throw a book and something else (porcelain figure?) at the window to break it entirely, but here she is after the first throw.
 Finally, she was FREE!

Never to put a p90x band in the door again.

Now, she just has to explain this to her Romanian.

Thanks Sara, for letting me tell this ridiculous story on my blog. 

Glad you don't have to pee in a jar for the next week.


  1. Life is never boring in Romania!

    Love it...Aunt Laurel

  2. i was looking for some information regarding the weather in Brasov and i don't know how i end up in your interesting blog :) !!
    just wanna say it is so bad to keep asking her about something she can't get ( bathroom ) LOL
    i had a nice time surfing your blog
    wish you all the best