Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Lisa Frank Valentine.

Do you all remember Lisa Frank products? 

There were stickers, lunch boxes, school supplies, and beads. I remember I wanted everything LISA FRANK when I was around 10. I had the jewelry, the beads, and of course, the pencil case for school. I think I might even have had the lunch box...

Anyways...before my dear friend Katie left Romania to move back to America, she gave me TONS of Lisa Frank sticker books to use with my students. "Here, take these. The kids love them." 

That might have been the understatement of the year. 

My 6B kids are obsessed. I decided to let them use the stickers to decorate the valentines we made in class. We talked about what love was, then each student wrote a sentence on their paper heart. For example, "Love is helping my mom in the kitchen." After they wrote what love meant to them, they decorated the hearts. With Lisa Frank stickers. And AMERICA stickers sent my by aunt (Thanks Aunt Mary!) 

It looks like Lisa Frank threw up all over my classroom, and I happen to love it.

Without further ado-6B ya'll.

"Love is...When you feel your heart melting for someone."

Lisa Frank...everywhere.

Yes-even the boys were into it...and apparently putting stickers up their noses.

Which one to use?! Which one!?

"Love is when I see my family."

"Love is when you feel butterflies in your stomach."

Sergiu showing me which heart is his.

Do you think they could fit anymore stickers on there? No.

Wall of hearts.
Love is....

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