Monday, March 19, 2012

Saint Patrick's Day: Bunicas and Green Wine.

I know, I know. It's been forever since I last posted and I have no excuses for you. I go through periods where I feel really inspired to write, then weeks where I feel like I have nothing interesting for you to read. So, without any more apologizing, here is a small update. :)

This past weekend I celebrated Saint Patrick's Day with some of my favorite PCVs. We were lucky to have a GORGEOUS, warm weekend, and we spent almost every moment outside. 

Thanks to a care package from my dear Aunt Mary, we were quite prepared for the occasion-leprechaun hats and green wine? Yes please.

Green Wine. But you already knew that.

Matt making some bunica (grandmother) friends in my park. Adorable.

Jessica and I hanging out in the Recas park. This was right before a lady told us to stop sitting on the ground because our ovaries would freeze. I wish I was joking.

Nick and Jessica.

Spending the GORGEOUS day in Timi with Matt. We were actually sweating and Matt was burning, hence the popped collar...

See? Burning up. Turning Red. SPRING HAS ARRIVED!

Yeah, this happened. Thanks Aunt Mary for the hat!

So we couldn't find corned beef anywhere, so I made do with chicken, cabbage, potatoes and carrots. Yum.
Another meal of the weekend-NACHOS!! Matt was able to snag tortilla chips and we splurged on all the trimmings. SO WORTH IT.

It was a great weekend-always awesome to get together with volunteers and eat some American food.

So looking forward to this weekend when I am REUNITED with this beauty... 

That's right! My sister is taking some time off from studying in London to see me here in Recas! Can't wait to have her here next week then to return to London with her and meet up with THESE TWO...

My Beauuutiful Momma.

Can't wait to be reunited with family!

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