Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Last 13 Things I...

The last 13 things I....

ATE:  A Taco Salad. I've been craving Mexican food ever since we made super amazing nachos this past weekend, so I went with it. It was delicious.

BOUGHT: I just realized I actually have money in my Peace Corps account so I ran to the supermarket in town to purchase some groceries. Heaven. Favorite purchase was Honey Nut Cheerios.

READ: I just finished the Hunger Games series and I LOVED them. Each and every book-although the first is my favorite. Can't wait to see the movie-comes out in Romania March 23rd!  

LAUGHED AT: Just watched a video clip my friend sent me and laughed out loud alone here in my apartment. I'm a cool kid.

COOKED: Well you know I just whipped up a taco salad but as far as COOKING-last thing would be my Saint Patrick's Day meal of chicken, potatoes, cabbage and carrots. You saw a picture in the post below this one. Since it's so awesome I'll post it again. Ugh. 

BAKED: I made peanut butter cookies for Saint Patrick's Day-so naturally I added green food coloring. They were amazing.

I don't craft. Sorry. Wish I did. I know-I'm a teacher and I don't craft? Terrible.

DROOLED OVER: The weather today. I went outside earlier to sit in the sun and get a little tan. I found a park bench, tilted my face towards the wonderful heat, and promptly fell asleep. I woke up and realized I had been drooling-right there in my public park. COOL KID. 

COVETED: This MK watch. I know-so expensive I'll never let myself get it but I LOVE it.

THOUGHT: I should probably wrap this up and clean up the lunch dishes.

WORE: Total PC outfit. I didn't have to work so I threw on some ratty jeans, a tank and a long sleeved shirt and rocked the converse to the store. Hair is in a work-out band, I'm trying to encourage myself to p90x today.

CRAVED: Combos. The pepperoni pizza kind. Mom, Dad? Can you bring some to London in 2 weeks?

WAS THANKFUL FOR: The day off today-Thanks Vali! So nice to get things done in the middle of the week.

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