Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Explanation Needed.

These small stoplights are all over Timisoara-and actually all of Romania. 


Why is there a normal sized stoplight and then a baby stoplight right below it? It is for bikers? I have never seen anything like it, anywhere in the world. 

Am I missing out on something obvious here? 

Explanation please.


  1. haha, I wish I could answer that for you! I hope someone can. I think you might be right on with the bicyclists idea :)

    and thank you for your thoughtful compliment!

  2. so people can destroy them more easily. muahaha! it could also be for bikers (as I've seen in Belgium and Netherlands), but it doesn't make sense as long as there are no separate bike tracks. I wouldn't worry about it, it's another Romanian non-senses.

  3. From what I've seen, in USA are somewhere in the middle of the intersection, so everyone can see them. Well, as you know in Romania they are placed right above the line where the cars stop. So the small ones are there to help drivers in the first row not to twist their heads in order to see the green light. And on a forum i've found this (hope your romanian works a little): "Un studiu la americani a aratat ca semafoarele puse dupa intersectie sunt trecute pe rosu de 2-3 ori mai des decat cele montate inainte de intersectie, se pare ca e o chestie psihologica ca omul e obisnuit sa opreasca la semafor nu inainte, de aceea cea mai buna solutie e semafor inainte de intersectie dublat de unul mic mai jos pe stalp pentru cei din pole position, solutie adoptata pe larg in Occident." There you go. It's all your fault! :))