Wednesday, November 23, 2011


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, of course.

I am thankful for...a family that loves me and supports me unconditionally in the decisions I make for my life.

I am thankful for...friends that I can go months without talking to but when we do get the chance to catch up-we pick right back up where we left off.

I am thankful for...the opportunity to teach English to amazing kids in Romania.

I am thankful for...a McDonalds with wireless internet in Bucharest. Layovers in the train schedules aren't so bad now.

I am thankful for...heat in my house. I know I said this in the last post BUT IT'S TRUE. There are many volunteers here without adequate heat and I know how lucky I am in my apartment. Did I mention it's FREEZING here now??

I am thankful Ambassador who whole-heartedly supports Peace Corps and who is hosting an amazing American Thanksgiving Meal for us volunteers tomorrow. Hello turkey and pumpkin pie...where have you been for the last 20 months.

I am thankful for...badass bunicas (grandmothers) on the trains. Last night proved to be a bit freaky when a crazy, drunk, and smellllyyy man wouldn't leave me alone then tried to steal my water bottle. From my lap. Good ol' bunica kicked him right in the shin and he hobbled off. Love my train grandmas a.k.a. guardian angels.

I am thankful PCV support system of friends. The only ones who truly understand this PC experience-the good, the bad, and the downright hilarious.

I am thankful packages. Really-pumpkin spice latte mix?! Goldfish?? VOGUE!? You all SPOIL me!

I am thankful for...a counterpart who is literally amazing. Supportive, understanding, never upset-Vali you are wonderful to work with. Thank you for encouraging me to try any project I want and to fight for my ideas with the other professors. You make my job SO much better. (And I know every other PCV agrees with me!)

I am thankful for...real bacon that I just discovered in my village. You heard me. Bacon.

I am thankful family's tradition of going to the Outer Banks every Thanksgiving. Football on the beach, Capt'n Franks hotdogs, Brew Thru, Eli's birthday, getting stuck in the house elevator, frosted oreos and seafood dinners- SO many memories and I wish I was there with you all now. I hope you enjoy your week-and don't forget to hit up that outlet sale in Duck!

Hoping you ALL have a blessed Thanksgiving week.

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