Friday, November 4, 2011

Love from the States.

Today I woke up early, excited to travel to Timisoara and pick up two care packages that had arrived! I love love love care packages from home. I am so blessed to have friends and family that have been supporting me non-stop since I arrived in Romania-I am so grateful. On the way to the train station I decided I would document this trip with photos so you can see what I do and where I go to pick up all these wonderful presents. So here it is.

The "VAMA" or the post office were I get my international mail is only opened on the weekdays from 8-12 and therefore the only day I can go is Friday when I don't have class. Being Friday-today was the day! I left my house around 8:45AM to catch the 9:33AM train from Recas to Timisoara. I guess I was half asleep because as soon as I bought my ticket and sat down to wait, I realized my shirt was on inside-out and I was missing an earring. Struggle.

Sheep on the route.

The train came and after about a 30 minute ride, I arrived in Timisoara. Luckily, the Vama is right next to the train station so it was just a hop skip and a jump next door. I entered the building and immediately walked up these steps.

I reached the first floor-but this is not where I need to be. This is where I would go if I need to mail something, or buy stamps or supplies. So I continued onward.

After climbing another set of stairs, I reached the second floor. I took a left  (as the sign says, "enter after the corner") and I found myself in a waiting room of sorts.

 The waiting room.

Ah, here is the door I need and so I entered. Once I'm in this room I have to show my passport, sign for the packages and occasionally pay the holding fee if the packages have been here for more than a week. I LOVE the people at the vama and always make sure to give them some candy or wine from Recas when I come. They are always interested in"what has arrived from America!" and always ask if it's from a husband or boyfriend. Every. Time.

I always bring a bag to transport all my goodies because it's much more convenient than trying to haul boxes back. I walk a long way from my train station home so my handy-dandy bag on wheels (isn't it chic?) always does the job.

I'm usually done by around 10:30AM but the next train back to Recas doesn't leave until 1PM. So I hang out around the mall or go grocery shopping for the week-it's cheaper to shop at a larger store than in my village. Around 12:30 I head back to the train station and buy another ticket home. Then I wait for my train.

Nice graffiti. I think he loves his toys!

And there is our train! Wheelie and myself board and 30 minutes later we're back in Recas. After another 20 minutes of walking, we arrive home and I get to open everything and freak out and miss America and all my friends and family. Ahh, goodies from afar. They make my MONTH. Thank you so much to EVERYONE who has sent me some love in the form of  socks, candy, toiletries, candles, food, and so much more. I miss you more than you know.

Oh who has some pumpkin spiced latte mix?!

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