Wednesday, February 23, 2011


That was the title of the e-mail that I just received from our awesome safety and security officer here in Romania. Lovely.  It has been abnormally cold here for this time of year-I mean I'm bundled up in my own house and currently the wind is howling outside. It's snowing again and my dreams of spring being right around the corner have been demolished. Sigh... anyways this is what the email said:

"Romanian meteorologists announced snow and blizzards throughout Romania starting Wednesday night through Friday evening. Gusty wind is expected in the country’s south and southeastern regions. According to meteorologists, the wind will blow at about 60km/h in south and southeastern regions and will exceed 70km/h on the Black Sea coast."
cold cold cold.
 Now while I'm not in the south or on the Black Sea coast,  I am still feeling this storm here on the West side. My scarf was wrapped around my entire head today walking back from my adult English classes, and here 3 hours later, I'm still trying to get warm.
The only way to walk outside.

Tea, hot bath (I found bubble bath here!!) and some Mad Men are on tap for tonight. Looking forward to a meeting with an NGO in Timisoara tomorrow and then the opera with my students. :)

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  1. Love the bundled up look, It reminds me of how I looked walking to school in Minnesota!