Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ja Rule was in Timisoara?

Why yes, yes he was. And Katie and I decided to take advantage of this wonderful news and go see him! So Saturday night we got dressed up (a big deal for us at this point) and headed out into the city, specially to club Heaven. Now we're on European time here and that means clubs don't get crowded until around 1am, but our American mentality is hard to crush so we showed up around 12 midnight and true to form, Ja Rule didn't come on until around 2:30AM. But it was AMAZING! So good to hear some hip hop (house music is the preferred genre here) and to just dance and enjoy ourselves out in the big city.

Getting ready!

drinks and lights.

more lights.

Heaven Club

More of Heaven.
We were surprised to see that Ja Rule actually has a decent sized Romanian following-the club was packed and most everyone was singing along to every song. Who would have guessed?

The VIP table next to us getting drinks...on fire.

He's finally on stage!
See the short one in the white shirt? JA RULE!

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