Saturday, February 5, 2011

Parasites, Worms, and Rabies

I had the worst dream last night.  I dreamed that I was walking through some town (I'm not sure where) and there was a big, white, dirty, hissing cat.  For some reason (maybe my love for animals!?) I reached down and tried to pick it up, thinking I would take it somewhere to clean it up and feed it. Well that cat bit a huge hole in my hand and immediately I saw that his mouth was frothy-RABIES! I went to a doctor who confirmed it was rabies but could do nothing for me...horrible right? It was one of those dreams where you try to wake yourself up, knowing that it HAS to be just a dream and all will be better when your eyes open and you're safe in your room.  This dream was so realistic though, so I was freaking out in the dream. But sure enough, I woke up, looked at my hand, and realized all was right in the world again.
This is actually pretty close to what the bugger looked like in my dream.

On the topic of disease (lovely!), I would be lying if I didn't admit that many people (including some of you!) have asked me if I've encountered any parasites, worms, anything that normal PCVs contract at some point or another during service, and the truth is no, I haven't. Our PC Doctor warned us at PST that we might very likely contract worms, or "ass worms" as we lovingly started referring to them as. But I can say (very happily) that I have never seen these worms, or heard of another volunteer getting them...but let's be real-who is going to admit to that?

Now I do have a little friend that stays with me, pops in to say hello at times, but I don't like to refer to him as a parasite. From my teaching time in Guatemala in 2009, I contracted this little bug and while he is mostly harmless, I do notice his presence now and then. Today is one of those days.  He comes without warning, he's never welcomed, but if anything, it always reminds me of my time in Guatemala which was mostly wonderful...weird? 
Rockin out in Guatemala, post parasite invasion.
Most of you know what kind he is, most of you even know my nickname for him, but here is a picture of what one looks like. Props to anyone to can guess what type of parasite it is from this picture.

I'm staying close to home today, recovering from a week long travel adventure and preparing for the start of my second semester teaching. Shout out to Marika McHenry, my American friend in Guatemala and parasite sister-for you know whats up today. :)


  1. I have to say, Sara, that I really enjoy reading you're posts! I mean, where else can I go online at 6am, with my first cup of coffee and the clouds in the sky outside my office window still pink from the sunrise...and see "ass worms"??! ;-)

  2. hahahahaha!! I'm so glad you enjoy it!