Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A village on the "East Side"

After arriving back in Romania I stopped off at a friend's site on the east side of the country-a little village located near the Black Sea town of Constanta.  Of all the sites that I've been too, this was by far the most remote and small. The carutas (horse carriages) far outnumbered the cars, and corn was EVERYWHERE. The stray dogs roamed the streets along with cows and hedgehogs-well, we saw a dead hedgehog at least.  It was a stark contrast from my 3 weeks in the states but I loved it. We were able to make stir-fry from spices I brought from the US and then we climbed up a hill and watched the sunset over the village. It's good to be back.
Watching the sun set. PCVs Aron, Beca, and Ashley.

Haystacks at Aron's site.

Sunset over the village.

I think I was pointing at butterflies.
Love this country.


  1. Sara, so happy to see that another american can see how beautiful this country can be! My wife is Romanian born and I keep telling her I want to MOVE there. she calls me crazy, but I love it!

    la revedere!

  2. I"m glad you stumbled across my blog! YEs I love this country..its so beautiful in so many ways. Where in Romania is your wife from?