Sunday, July 24, 2011

Apple Pie.

Apple Pie, fresh from the oven.
 It's another lazy day for me on this sunny Sunday. And while its wonderful to have another PJ day, I find myself feeling a bit uneasy about doing, well...nothing. Why is it that I have a hard time taking days to just relax? Why do I feel bad for not having a "plan" for the day? It is something that has been ingrained in me due to where I grew up? Is it Peace Corps telling me I should be doing projects and teaching and integrating and learning Romanian?

In northern Virginia, or NOVA as we lovingly call it-life is fast. Life is crazy, diverse, fun...but filled to the brim and my life for the past 10 years was no exception. I was always on the go. If I wasn't working I was at school, or playing lacrosse, or with friends, or youth group, or studying, or at the gym, or cooking (just kidding on that last one). My mom used to tell me, "Sara, slow down. You go go go until you make yourself physically sick. Stop and relax!" She was right-I would literally go go go until I would get sick from exhaustion. Sounds crazy right? So maybe me living in Romania was finally the opportunity I needed to just...relax.

Now she looks relaxed!
But wait-I'm in the Peace Corps and we don't do that! We are constantly thinking about the next project, better teaching methods, how to say "cinnamon" at the town market for that apple pie we want to make. We have been taught to "accept any invitation" and integrate into our towns like its nobody's business. I fully agree with this and believe that integration is key, but who can accept EVERY invitation? I can't help but feel bad though when I have to turn someone down, or if I'm out of town. Is that just my nature? Why do I feel like I always have to be on the GO to be a successful volunteer? Surely an exhausted volunteer is not nearly as affective as a rested and relaxed one, right?

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not sitting here doing twiddling my thumbs. Yesterday, I baked an apple pie from scratch and took it to a dinner party with my Romanian friends from town. BIIIG hit! (Picture above-excuse the non-traditional pie pan!). I also make a stroganoff lunch from scratch, did laundry, and worked on a presentation for a camp where I'll be a counselor in a few weeks. (All my presentations are in Romanian-cross your fingers!) Today, I'm continuing to work on these presentations for camp as well as start to pack for my next big volunteer opportunity-Transylvania Fest in Blaj. I'll be working in the "Cookery Tent" (I realize how ironic that is) and will be celebrating every cultural aspect of Transylvania for the next week! Then it is off hiking with my students for 7 days in the Fagaras Mountains, another camp, quick trip to the eastside to visit some famous monasteries, and then my brother and his beautiful wife come to visit right before school starts all up again! Whew.
Fagaras Mountains...I can't wait!

So for now I'll stay in my pjs and try not to feel bad for not leaving my house today. After all, I'll be gone working for the next few weeks and will probably crave these moments, relaxing in my house-pjs and all.

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