Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ziua Mondiala a Apei (or World Water Day as we say in English)

Yesterday we celebrated International Water Day with the students who are part of our ecological team-Scoala Pentru un Viitor Verde (School for a Green Future) We all piled into a bus and drove to Timisoara where we visited a water plant called "Aquatim". We were led on a guided tour and learned how water is taken from the Bega River here in Timisoara and how it ultimately ends up coming out of our faucets, clean and ready to drink. It was a pretty cool experience to walk along the river, then see the 10 steps of cleaning cycle. 
The beautiful Bega River, Timisoara
The Plant we visited-AquaTim!
One of the water filters.

The kids were into it and they were, as always, wonderful and ready to explain anything in English that I didn't understand.  I love that I don't even have to ask for a translation but inevitably a student will just walk up and ask if I understood, and if not, will willingly try their hardest to explain it to me. 

Happy Water Day Ya'll!

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