Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Clean up Day!

Last Friday our ecological "green team" from the school went out to the lake in our town and cleaned up trash that was surrounding the area. From the field, to the lake, to IN the lake-it was pretty bad.  However, after four hours of hard work, 20 students and 4 teachers (Brittany included), we ended up collecting 100 BAGS OF TRASH and a few tires, a TV, a car bumper, and even a rotting sheep head. Lovely!! It was a great time to hang out with the kids and work together for a great cause. They make me so proud. At the end of the day, the mayor even came down to congratulate us, gave us some chocolate, and invited us to a BBQ he is going to throw for us, for all the hard work they students did! 

But first-another clean up day in a neighboring village next week!
This man was actually fishing out of the lake..the kids even said.."uhhh... no." (We are in the back picking up trash!)

100 bags of trash=Success!

One of the houses that is near the lake...we were cleaning up the field in front of it.

Before we started.

Some of my HS boys pitchin' in to help.

The rotting sheep head. Complete with fur.

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