Saturday, March 19, 2011

Snaggle-Tooth's official. It appears that my favorite street dog, Snaggle-Tooth has disappeared. The pup has been around ever since I moved to my site and he always greets me as I walk by his usual spot in the park. The poor dog has the worst under-bite and teeth I've never seen on a dog but he's so ugly he's cute. (Ask Brittany, Aron, Katie or Freya!) I usually give him some bread or food when I passed by, a little pat on the head, and he walks off, tail wagging, content for at least that moment.

I just don't know where he has gone. He didn't seem sick, nor too skinny.

I miss him. One of my "constants" in Romania is missing and I just hope he's found a greener, richer patch of grass to lay in for the time being. I can't make myself think anything else.

*This is NOT Snaggle-Tooth but pretty darn close with that under-bite.*

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