Friday, June 29, 2012

Last Week at Site.

There are a thousand words I could write about my two years here in Recas. 

Words about how I arrived in this town expecting to change lives and inspire kids, when in return, they were the ones who taught me so much.

Words about how I have a second family here now.  Friends for life.

Words about how I will miss them all, more than they know...

So for now, until I can really wrap my head around leaving this amazing place, I will simply say,

Thank you...for everything.

{Here are some snapshots of my last week at site, in no particular order. }

Matt and I at my friend Silvia's house. This was the spread for dinner (not picture, another HUGE bowl of meat and the many desserts...) let's just say it was delicious.

My friend Danny and I at a newly discovered pool in Timisoara. Think lots of man speedos, and lots of topless women. But damn, that water was refreshing. More on Danny in a later post-fate basically brought us together in Sibiu and you'll want to stay tuned. The story is magical.

Last wine tasting at the winery in Recas. Bittersweet.

This is the winery owner's son, who just HAPPENED to pick Matt and I up as we were hitchhiking for the tasting. We ended up getting a VIP tour of the vineyards and inside the place, along with a free tasting. Win. Check out Matt's blog for the full story with Narcis Georgiu. {}

Finally getting (and paying off) all the bills for my apartment since December. We celebrated with some champagne...because why not?

Our last night with Vali and Ionela started out at this great outdoors store, where the policy is "try is before you buy it." Yes, we razor scooter-ed around the store, played ping pong, and even volleyball. I also found Gatorade, which I haven't seen in two years.

Vali and Matt, testing out the scooters.

Our last night in Recas...we shared some wine and watched the sun go down behind the Catholic church. Still hasn't hit me that I've left...

Everything that I own is in those bags. This was the scene last night before we started our 14 hour adventure to Matt's site. Thank GOD he was there to help me with my things. The journey=30 minute car ride to the station, then an 8 hour train ride, then switching trains and another 3 hour train right, then a 1 hour hitchhiking ride to Matt's site.

At 3:20AM waiting for our second train.

During the last week of school-these are some of my 6th grade students. The sign is hard to read but it says "Goodbye I love you" <3

Last day of school-with Cristi, the history teacher and my Romanian tutor.

Just some of the loot from my students for graduation. Perks of living in wine country!!

Hanging out with the 6th graders on our last day.

Sammies for the 10A goodbye party.

Vali and I at the teacher's BBQ.

Vali and the new volunteer that will be at my site, Aron. MAKE ME PROUD ARON.

Saying goodbye to 10A. :(

Getting a special award/price from the student counsel. The woman in the middle is my principal, Mirela, and of course, Vali.

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