Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Week at Camp: Focuri Style.

I spent last week volunteering at a summer camp for another volunteer's students. I traveled to the complete opposite of the country and stayed in a small, small village called Focuri. When I say small I'm talking "carutas (horse carriages) outnumbered the cars" small.  And the HEAT-lord I think I sweated out 5 lbs. One of the highlights of the week was when all six of us Peace Corps volunteers enjoyed a dip in our ten dollar kiddie pool after long mornings of sports, crafts, songs, and games. 

Enjoy some pictures! 

{WARNING some of the pictures involve skinning an animal for dinner, so-you've been warned.}
Taking a walk at Matt's site and run into this cow. Love me some wandering cows.

Matt's feet after a morning at camp. The DUST in this small village was unreal.

The final item on my Romanian Bucket List DONE!!! I milked a cow...finally!

It's a lot harder than it looks.

After the six of us milked her, we let her baby get in on the action. :)

FARMLIFE. See the piglets?!

Oh the cuteness. Bunnies.


How could we leave without climbing to the top of a haystack?

Our 4th of July. The hosts wanted to kill some rabbits to serve us for dinner, so that is exactly what they did. I watched in amazement. {Here, our host is about to string up the freshly killed rabbit to be skinned}


One Lean Rabbit.

Grant and I, smiling in the midst of the skinning. KEEPIN' IT TOGETHER.

Matt and Kelly, holding victim number two.

Just another day in the village...see the foal??

A view of the lake in Focuri.

Good peeps. Grant (pcv), Nick (Romanian who volunteered with us) and Theron (pcv)

Grant herding the geese home.

After the camp, we ventured into the big city of Iasi because we had heard a subway existed there. We were NOT disappointed.

First Subway sammie in over 2 years!! HEAVEN.

I am off to officially close my Peace Corps service in Bucharest, then Matt and I are off to Greece for 9 days!!

Santorini, here we come. 

{most pictures taken by Matt, all with his camera}


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed your staying in our country. Hope you'll keep on with the writing, even after getting home, I'm sure some of us we'll want to hear from you further. Never stop doing what you love and following your dreams! Lots of love & kisses, and a big THANK YOU for your amazing work here,

    Loredana (just a random reader of your blog)