Sunday, June 17, 2012

To my Dad.

Hanging out in San Cristobal, Guatemala.

To the man who taught me how to ride a bike, roller skate, and control a Flyer sled down a steep hill...

...thank you for always encouraging me to pick myself back up when I fell, no matter how big the wipeout.

Oh just Harold on a boat.

To the man who taught me the value of money and the importance of hard work...

....thank you for making me buy my own car and cell phone at age 16. I felt so proud of myself as I drove that Pontiac Sunfire off the lot.

Budapest, Hungary

To the man who taught me to NEVER settle and to accept ONLY respect from a man...

...thank you.
After we lost our bus tickets and were chastised by the tour guide. Budpest, Hungary.

 To the man who has accepted my friends as family, and who is lovingly referred to as "Harold T" by each and every one...

...thank you for being the coolest Dad. Ever.

Should have bought it-Budapest, Hungary
 To the man who has shown me over the last 26 years what it means to be a LEADER...

...but also taught me the importance of sometimes just shutting one's mouth and following instead.

Riding the Harley. New Market, VA
 To the man who has never, ever doubted me or my dreams...

...thank you for traveling to the ends of the earth to meet me and be a part of my life, no matter how far away from America those dreams have taken me.
Cooking the Thanksgiving turkey! Outer Banks, NC
To the man who has impacted my life more than he will ever, ever know. For his wisdom, continuous support and love, and sense of humor. 

I love you dad. Thank you for being the most amazing dad a girl could ask for.

Happy Father's Day!!

Skydiving, 2010.

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