Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Phone Booth Fun.

While looking over my pictures today I realized I have quite the "Photo Booth" collection. It all started when I was teaching in Guatemala-I had a few extra minutes at the end of a class and my students and I spent it taking fun pictures with my Mac's Photo Booth.

Double the Trouble in 8th grade.

Nice Teeth. And Chin.

Oh yes--the black glasses/dark hair phase...

When I first arrived in Romania-I introduced Vali to Photo Booth and hilarity ensued. 


This might be my favorite.

Ew. You're basically looking up my nose here...I apologize.

Mouse Mouth.
And recently, I introduced it to my 8th graders. I don't think I've ever heard them laugh so much.

Flavius on the left...those eyes!! Hahaha.
He might be growing horns.

Johnny Bravo? Jay Leno?

They are best friends...clearly.

With a sticker on his head.

I have a horse face on the right. LOOOONG.

Happy Friday Ya'll!

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