Saturday, May 12, 2012

Clean up, Clean up...Let's Do it Romania!


Today was the national clean-up day here in Romania-or "Let's Do it Romania" to be exact.  Started in 2010, it's a day where almost every county in Romania gathers it's citizens to picks up trash.  

The day started in the park where I met up with around 60 students and some teachers. We split into teams (Team Rockstars here) and walked to different areas to clean.

The entire group before we started cleaning.

Plastic bottles everywhere!

Crazy goat.

Can of beans anyone?

Part of Team Rockstars.

His shirt inspired the team name.

Sweet Marita pickin' up trash.

Silvia, coordinator extraordinaire.

Break time!

Nothing like finding a jaw bone.

Team RockStars with our 35 bags of trash!

It was SO HOT outside but the kids were great, working hard to collect over 125 bags of trash throughout Recas. I was so happy to see that after doing this three times in Recas, the amount of trash we found was significantly smaller than when we started cleaning up 2 years ago. The first year we collected over 400 bags of trash, so 125 bags today-PROGRESS!

Great way to start my weekend.