Wednesday, June 8, 2011

UPDATES GALORE-Let's start with Senior Prom

I know it has been a looong time since I posted anything, but life has been crazy! I'm going to upload several different posts instead of doing one long one and potentially bore you, so I'll start with Senior Prom.

I was invited to attend my school's senior prom and I was really excited to see the differences between American and Romanian proms, and I wasn't disappointed. The night started with one of my students picking me up in her borrowed convertible and we rode to the beautiful "Roco Hotel" in Izvin, one of my neighboring villages. The scene was gorgeous-roses everywhere, a fountain, gazebos, and even peacocks roamed the gardens. We were seated in a hall with decorations fit for a wedding and ate several courses of food. We danced, we laughed, we stayed until after midnight (the teachers did that is) and then let the kids party the night away without us. I thought it was wonderful that the teachers were honored at the event and were invited to join in the festivities. I really had a great time talking to my 12th graders and hearing how this last year really meant a lot to them. I'll miss seeing them next year!

Do you see the peacock?

They were everywhere!

Oh, and there is another one.

Too much sun, poor kid can't see. One of my 12th graders.

The banquet hall, beautifully decorated!

My girls from12, minus a few.

The students made a tunnel with roses and the teachers walked through it into the banquet hall. Once inside, we were given a glass of champagne and our own rose!

The first course. In the tomato is eggplant salad and there is a cheese spread on the pepper.

Vali and I, sweaty from dancing.

I LOVE the yearbooks the kids get. They all have a photos shoot and get to pose however they want for a full page spread. Yes, this kid is holding a pipe in his pictures. Love it.

Another amazing spread. This page belongs to the boy in the middle. The girl to his left is his gf, the other girl is her best friend. Priceless!

Graduation day with a student and Vali

One of my
12th graders, Vasile. He is the one with amazing yearbook photos above.

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