Monday, June 13, 2011

Meet Lulu.

This is Lulu, my friend Veronica's new puppy. She rescued Lulu (who is a boy, btw) on the street near the town's cemetery. He was walking really slowly and she looked closer only to see he was severely injured. His back was cut and it appeared that he was hit by a car or abused by someone. (She is convinced someone did this to him but it is SO hard for me to comprehend someone hurting an animal like this.) You can see his little back below.
Poor Lulu.

You can see his little back healing...

So precious.
Veronica took her home, called the vet, and Lulu was given a bath, shots, and medicine. He's doing much better now-playing and jumping around when I went to visit him today. He's already following Veronica around and doesn't seem to be in any pain, thank goodness.
Following Veronica in the garden.

I love her and plants everywhere.


She was giving Lulu cherry earrings...ha.

Eating the plants.
Lulu's new arch-enemy..the pig next door.


  1. you said, and i quote, "Veronica took her home". case in point that lulu is not an acceptable name for a male dog. poor thing :(

  2. God bless Veronica for rescuing Lulu!