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So it has been over a week since I last posted (sorry-the weather has been amazing and I'm taking advantage of it!) but I have updates. I will start with last weekend and my trip to Bucharest.

As you probably know from reading my blog, it takes me a good 10 hours on the train to get to the capital city and usuallyyyy  I can snag a "cuseta" or sleeping car. Well-this time Brittany and I waited until the last minute and there were no beds available. So, at 10:17PM we set off for Bucharest, sitting, in 2nd class, with the lights on. For 10 hours. In all seriousness though we were fine, keeping ourselves entertained with videos (Mad Men for me) and trying to sleep whenever possible.
Brittany- "Why didn't we buy the sleeping car tickets yesterday?"

Me: "Come on aren't you totally stoked about sleeping sitting up for the next 10 hours?"
We arrived in the morning without problems, stayed with Becca for a night and the next morning proceeded to the PC office where we all had our mid-service medical exams. Thats right- "MID-SERVICE". Can you believe it?! In 8 days I will celebrate ONE YEAR of service in Romania. It boggles my mind, really. But more on that later...

After everything was checked out and I made a short trip to the dentist (look ma-no cavities!), I checked into our hostel. The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out with good friends (Romanian and American) eating good food (Mexican and Chinese!) and celebrating Chelsea's birthday in fine Romanian style. And by that-I mean going to a bar where they served not only peanuts but carrot sticks too. Carrot sticks with salt. Healthy but not so much?

Chelsea and her new owl necklace. At the Mexican restaurant of course.

Hey Brittany! More Mexican pics.

Becca, Brittany and I waiting in the rain for the others to arrive.

But we found something to entertain us-or at least Brittany. Yes, there were people under there eating dinner.

A bar with peanuts and salted carrot sticks?
So after spending the rest of my monthly living allowance on the train tickets, great food, metro tickets and some new ink, I went back to Recas refreshed and rejuvenated. Everything at site was screaming "SPRING!" and I just had to take some pictures.

As you know, my other dog "Snaggle" disappeared, but this is my new friend, "Fluffy". She follows me, jumps on me (especially with muddy paws as I'm walking to school" and she is overall just adorable. She lives in the park and sleeps. Alot.

Just a "caruta" or horse drawn carriage crossing the street.

A family of ducks! Love the ducklings.

I ran across these guys coming home from school. There are about 15 chicks with her, and yes, she is tied up to a tree. I guess the owner lets her out in the grass during the day and the little chicks just stay with her. 
Flowers are everywhere! Especially in front of the winery stores. :)
Now I don't know if I told you about Market Day here, or the "Piata" as we call it, but it is every Wednesday. I love the market becuase you can buy everything from second hand clothes to brooms to chicks in a basket to sausage. Oh and you can sharpen your knives too, as you can see below.
Selling shoes and clothes at the Piata.

LOVE the flowers everywhere.

Our friendly neighborhood knife sharpener. And I'm not sure why the local police are standing with him.
Now onto my favorite part-my students! They were great this week, BUT with only a month left of school EVERYONE is in "summer mode" already. Every day when they come to class its "Can we PLLEEEASSE have class outside today? Please?!" Sometimes I say yes, usually I say no, but I couldn't resist when my 7th grade boys did this on Wednesday:
I still laugh looking at this.
That's right. When I was decided whether I could teach the lesson outside they got out of their seats, and started begging. On the floor. I couldn't stop laughing. (Oh and don't mind his "YES girlfriend, NO problem" shirt...haha).

I also got a great shot of my 11th graders this week. They are such a great class and I always have fun with them.
We were talking about the killing of Bin Laden, which is why the board says "War on Terror" and "2001 World Trade Center".
Lastly, today I went with the kids to a HS Fair in Timisoara. We had a booth for our school and kids from middle schools all over came to view what each school had to offer. It was fun to hang out with the kids and play their favorite game of "Let's see how many hard Romanian words we can get Sara to say." Seriously I think it could last for hours if I let it but I never stop them as we all laugh every time I butcher something-which inevitably I do.  Today I threw the "Sally Sells Sea Shells" back at them and had my own fun. :)
Students and our mascot, the Penguin!

Me, Vali with his shades on indoors, Roxana (another English teacher) and two 12th graders.

I let go of my camera for 1 minute and this is what I found later. Haha Love it!

Two 11th graders represent'n Recas

Sam, this picture is for you. Apparently Timisoara has a "Hunting and Forestry" High School.

The stand for our school!

Yes, this is my 11th grader getting his eyebrows plucked at the Cosmetology school's stand next to ours. Yes, its popular here for the boys to do that.

Another picture taken while I was away. :) Daniela from 11th grade.

Traditional dancing!

Some more traditional costumes.
It was a great week and it'll be a busy weekend! Festival tomorrow here in Recas (traditional dancing and singing) and then I'm hoping to catch the soccer game at our stadium. Then Sunday going to Timisoara for an AIDS awareness day and concert.

Shoutout to my brother, Travis: Congratulations on your college graduation! I'm so proud of you. Can't wait to see you (and the rest of the fam!) in 39 DAYS WHEN I'M HOME FOR VACATION!
Yeah. That's us.

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  1. Great post, Sara! Lots of cool pictures, the coolest being of you and Travis!