Sunday, May 15, 2011

A trip to Silvia's House.

 After a long day at the Festival (pics to come soon!) Silvia and I went to her parents house where we hung out and rested our feet, and took pictures. I love going there because I get to see the huuuge garden, flowers, and chickens!! (And obviously hang out with her family-which is amazing.)
Silvia rockin' that awesome traditional shirt!

Enjoying the sun!

Silvia's adorable pup-Laika.

The chickens they raise "just to eat". I already signed up to help kill the next one. I figured if I can witness the pig, I can do chicken. Sorry guys.

This poor hen thinks she has babies to keep warm, She doesn't. Silvia says she's just confused...clearly as she's been there for 2 MONTHS, leaving only to eat. Poor thing!

Laika tormenting the chickens in the coop.


I love the one on the left. Nice Hair.

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