Monday, May 16, 2011

"FESTIVALUL LADA CU ZESTRE" March 14th (Pictures by Ciprian Dughir)

Here are the pictures from "The Dowry Festival" this past weekend! Recas hosts this festival every spring and villages in our "comuna" come to participate in singing, dancing, poetry reading and cooking. These pictures were taken by a man from Recas, Ciprian Dughir, and with his permission I'm posting them on my blog because they are absolutely beautiful. Enjoy!

Traditional Dances

Some of the younger dancers!

Traditional Costumes

Presentation of food.

This is pickled cabbage, pickles, olives and carrots.

Traditional song and presentation.

Spinning wool.

Some of my students waiting to preform!

One of the choirs singing-these are students of mine as well.

Food presentation from the town of Ghiroda

Traditional breads.

Love this hat!

Musica Populara

Traditional Costumes

More traditional costumes from areas around Recas

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