Thursday, January 27, 2011


This morning I walked out of my house to head to school and I was greeted by millions  of beautiful snowflakes.  It was still quiet outside, and the thick heavy snow clouds seemed so close I could almost reach up and touch them.  I headed towards the center, bundled in a two jackets, gloves, scarf, and hat.  Hunkered down to escape the endless torrent of snowflakes entering my eyes, I squinted and wondered why I didn’t also wear my snowboarding goggles-they would have been useful. I laughed out loud at situation, thinking to myself, “If I were back in NOVA, there is no way we would have school today…”

I love walking to school when it’s snowing.  Yes, it’s true that we don’t have snow days here and yes, I sometimes fall on the ice in the center of town. Yes, my jacket and hat are soaking wet by the time I reach my classroom, but who wouldn’t agree that snow is just so entirely majestic, so magical?  I’ve found that I’ve loved living in a place that gets a snowstorm pretty much every week-a constant and heavy snow that lasts for two, three days without stopping.  In those moments the village seems to take a deep breath and enjoys the silence. I too get lost in my cup of hot chocolate or my tea, staring out the window of my kitchen and snapping pictures of my very own winter wonderland.  

Today I’m thinking of you all back home who are getting hit with some pretty heavy snow. Take a minute, a few deep breaths, and enjoy the quiet white blanketing the ground, the trees, and your eyelashes. Oh-and never take those snow days for granted.

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