Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First Semester-Check!

 I cannot believe that I have finished my first semester teaching here in Romania.  Tests, projects and journals have been graded. Grades have been given, I’m sure tears have been spilled, (I told them those English journals would count!) but after a challenging semester of getting used to the Romanian education system and trying to learn 300 student’s names, I have successfully completed my first of four semesters.
So the question is, what now? Well, we have a week long vacation between semesters, so I will either be A: Going snowboarding. B. Traveling around Romania visiting new places or C. Traveling to Italy to participate in a “Youth in Action” program with our students. Still waiting on news about whether we are going or not, but Italy-yes please!
After the break, we’re back at school for the second semester. I am working on my secondary, extra projects with the school and with my community aside from teaching.  Right now, I’m in the process of starting Adult English Classes for my community and also the professors at school.  I have a cooking club for my students that will meet twice a week to prepare American and Romanian foods. I am working with my counterpart on a bi-weekly English film and discussion club for the High School.
Recently, I have also just joined a committee for an ecological project at the school.  We are a “scoala verde” or “green school” recognized by the Ministry of Education and therefore participate in activities and projects to improve the environment.   

On top of that, I will be working with Vali to organize, design and implement a wall mural to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of Peace Corps Service in Romania.  We want work with the students to design a mural that will promote world peace and friendship.  Lastly, Katie and I are in the process of planning an English Summer Camp for Timis County in July!  Whew…so I’m busy but I’m loving it.  Time seems to be flying by here in RO and I want to try to get as much done as possible. I like being busy so it works for me!
Plans for traveling this semester are in the works as well.  Belgrade, Serbia is on the list, as well as Maramures in the north-west part of Romania. If possible, I would also like to see Istanbul, Turkey as I’ve heard it’s the most amazing place near here. 
As we say here, “o sa vedem!” or “We’ll see!” As you know, I’ll keep you posted on all my adventures… 

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  1. You do so much work! Slow down!!!
    Very good choice planing to go to Maramures. A must see in Romania is also, Bucovina. You cannot leave Romania without seeing Bucovina. Go to Iasi, visit Cetatea Neamtului and some of the close by monasteries.Try all the food in Bucovina and do not forget to ask about "papanasi". I would suggest to do all those things in spring or summer. Would be a good time to go there during the Easter vacation to see how people celebrate Easter(it is very different from the rest of the country).
    Anyway, have a great vacation Sara!