Friday, January 21, 2011


Last weekend I traveled with Katie to Bucharest.  Before I continue, I first want to show you how we travel to Bucharest.  We take a night train (cuseta) because it is about 9 hours away.  Now each cabin in the cuseta has either room for 4 or 6.  Katie and I were lucky enough to get the top bunks in the cabin...
I'm 5'3...and I couldn't even sit up. Cramped!

Katie is 5'1....we were trying to figure out how anyone over 5'5 even got up there.

We visited the Peace Corps office, stocked up on teaching supplies, and even found a Mexican restaurant for some real( well...almost real) tacos!
Margaritas and Tortilla chips. First time in 8 months!

Best Cheese Dip in Romania...hands down.

After our time in Bucharest, we visited our fellow PCV Nick who lives near the city.  We spent the rest of the weekend relaxing, watching movies, cooking, and taking care of a little puppy we found outside of Nick's door.  Introducing...Jenny.
Begging to come in!

 It was a bit cold outside, so we brought her in, cleaned her up, and let her watch movies with us for the afternoon. Then, we cooked her some chicken fat-she was the most spoiled stray pup in Romania, for sure.
Cleaning her up

Movie time with the pup. She's getting real comfortable.

Real, REAL comfortable. So cute!

Oh Hey little girl!

Waiting for Nick to drop some chicken meat.
After awhile, she was ready to go back outside with the dog pack, so we set her free. But not before we made Nick promise he would look out for her in the future...right Nick?

Katie and I made it back to the West side in time for school Monday morning. Another successful trip across the country with one of my favorite PCVs!
Katie and I at Nick's house.

And I leave you with this jawbone..which we found in Nick's yard. :)

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