Thursday, January 19, 2012

Current Events in RO: Protests.

I am not sure what you have heard back in the states, but here in Romania we are currently on "Day 6" of anti-government protests. In approximately 45 cities across the country, people are gathering in the streets day and night and vocalizing their concerns and frustration with the government and specifically, the president Traian Basescu. Many are calling for him to step down.

This is a few days old, but here is a good article about what is going on.

While mostly peaceful, the protests/riots have gotten a bit dicey in Bucharest, with over 60 injured by flying rocks and debris-there have been numerous conflicts with the police.  The Peace Corps has been diligiently following these incidents and have kept up posted with daily texts and emails. As of now, we are no longer allowed to travel to the capital, Bucharest, until further notice. Just today, over 10,000 Romanians gathered there to protest, and its better we just stay away for now. We have also been advised to stay out of all large cities and to be inside by dark.

Today, we also found out that some cities are holding teacher strikes-Timisoara being one of those cities. I'm not sure how this will affect me in the next few weeks but I will keep you posted. As of right now, we are attending school as usual and keeping an eye on the daily news.

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