Monday, December 26, 2011

Bells in the Fog.

I was walking home from the train station today and the fog was so thick I could barely see 15 feet in front of me. It was as if I was walking through the clouds, in some eerie world and on another planet. 

I was alone and the silence was defening. But as I continued on my way, I suddenly heard bells, cow bells actually. I looked around but I couldn't see anything. I kept walking and the fog broke and I finally saw what was making the noise...a herd of sheep with their shepherd in the field. Each time the sheep took a step, the bells on their collars would jingle. 

I stopped to take some pictures and then continued on my way. 

I love moments like this.

 Another blog post is coming soon, with pictures and details about my three day Christmas adventure in Caransebes with my counterpart and his family! 

Now, getting ready for a couple volunteers who are coming to visit for New Years.

Hope you all had a blessed holiday week.

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