Thursday, August 4, 2011


Today I hosted an "American Field Day" for the young kids in my town. It was awesome to introduce to them the 3 legged race, egg toss, spoon and egg relay, and many more traditional games we all played as kids. Who didn't love "Field Day" in elementary school?!  Anyways, my favorite part was seeing the kids try to run back to their team lines after spinning around a bat 8 times in a row-does that make me an evil teacher?? Haha. They loved it. For prizes I gave them American flag pencils (thanks Aunt Mary!) and candy. 

I took many, many pictures but this is my absolute favorite and I think it sums up our moods for those few hours of having fun while laughing uncontrollably. 


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  1. Field days were my favorite! We never did any of the egg games that I can remember though. The three-legged race, tug of war and dodgeball were all must-haves for us though.