Saturday, September 25, 2010


Today I picked up trash in Recas with a team of students, Brittany (she came to help from up north) and another older volunteer, Vladi. There were 14 of us in total and we were assigned to a section of road that has been used as a dump of sorts for some time. Equipped with bags, gloves, water, food and good spirits, we set out to clean!

The kids were amazing, they worked hard and really seemed to love being a part of this special day for Romania. There was no complaining, no arguing, just smiles and hard work all around. I was so proud of them.

Big thanks to Brittany for coming down from her site to help us!

Enjoy some pictures :)

My wonderful team of 14!

Brittany with some students riding to our designated trash site.

Ready to pick up some trash!

Some of my older HS students came out to help too. Thanks guys!

Surveying the damage and work to be done..

YEAH...there were some suspect smells...

Success after a long days work. :)

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