Saturday, June 26, 2010

PRACTICUM, Minor Surgery, and American Burgers

WHEW. One week of Practicum DONE! I just finished teaching thirty 5th graders and I am Starting last Monday, I taught with Freya and Julie for 3 hours a day at a school in town. My theme for the week was music and I taught the kids musical instruments, music genres, the cha-cha slide (woot!) and my students created their own band and album covers. It was such a great experience-their language level was incredible and we were able to communicate without problems. By the end of the week I was sad to see them go-a few brought me flowers and chocolate on the last day! I felt right at home teaching and I'm happy that I'll be doing this for the next two years!!

I had a little bump in the road on Wednesday-I went to Bucharest for some minor surgery-a mole removal-fun!! Haha. It was painless and only took about 20 minutes-but now I have stitches and that part is painful. Luckily I have Brittany-shout out!-to change my bandages every I'll get the stitches out in about 3 days, and everything should be good. The PC doctors took care of me and it was free-so can't complain!

Language classes are going well-I have a huuuge test or "evaluation" on Monday. There are six stations set up in the school and I have 5 minutes at each station with a scenario-like ordering food at a restaurant, buying tickets at a train station, buying clothes, etc. There is a professor running each scenario and I'll be graded on how I preform. Wish me luck!!

Today I'm at my friend Aron's house with about 10 other volunteers working on lesson plans for next week. He lives in a nice house outside of town and he has WIRELESS INTERNET!! So we're here today. We prepared a nice American BBQ for his family including real American burgers!! Little known fact-if you order a hamburger here you will most likely receive a chicken to have a real ground beef burger was so excellent today.

We find out our sites in 1.5 weeks--I cannot believe it. We start week 6 on Monday--week 6!!! Can't believe I've been there here this long. Time is flying by since we're so busy.

More to come later. I miss you all-love you!


  1. omg! i can't believe i got a shoutout...

  2. GIRL. you got a shout out. FEEL THE LOVE.

  3. i just gave you a shout out on my blog...sending the love right back!