Friday, April 6, 2012

England Adventures-Portsmouth & Bath

My dad and sister throwing rocks into the water. Dad first...

 I know I'm a few days behind but I haven't had internet! These pictures are from our time in Portsmouth and Bath.
then Mary...

Dad brought in the BEST coffee to wake us up!

Walking along in town and found this little guy.

The boats outside of Portsmouth

A GORGEOUS castle outside of Portsmouth-Portchester Castle.

Oh Harold and Linda.

The Fam outside of Portchester Castle.

The gift shop was great.

View of the church from the castle keep.


Traditional English Breakfast!

The Roman Baths. (In Bath...)

The Bath Abbey behind the Roman baths.



Some ducks enjoying a nap near the heated water.


The ride from Bath to Painswick

Country Roads (Cotswold)

The gang!

The Cotswold.

This plant is called Rapeseed. Lovely.

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