Thursday, April 28, 2011

SERBIA: Belgrade Pics!

Here is the second part of the pics! We stayed in Belgrade, Serbia for two nights exploring the city, eating more amazing food, and enjoying the nice warm weather. The hostel we stayed at is Sun Hostel, and we definitely recommend it as it was beautiful, clean, and the staff was wonderful. So here you are-Belgrade Serbia!

On the train to Belgrade!

Sun Hostel in Belgrade-So cute and cheerful! Oh an Aron is napping on the bed.

Sooo. Freya and Aron ordered a "hamburger" from the menu at this traditional Serbian restaurant, excited to get a real burger after so many months. This is what came out of the kitchen. A patty in grease. Um...bun anyone?

This is what came out for me. I couldn't tackle this bad boy. Chicken with some cheese sauce fried to all hell. Ugh.

The courtyard of the Sun Hostel. We had our morning tea out here!

BEAUTIFUL flowers in front of this Government building in Belgrade.

More beautiful tulips.
While walking to the Republic Square we came across this awesome building. Not sure what it is used for.

Where we are breakfast the first day. Classy!

My meal. Yes those are little pancakes.

Walking along the Pedestrian Road from Republic Square.

Walking down the Bohemian Street. The weather was awesome!

More beautiful flowers!

Bohemian Street. Known for the most amazing bars and at the end-the "Green Market" which sells fruits and vegetables (but if you ask real nice they will give you the homemade Serbian liquor too.)
Thank goodness there is an English translation on here.
So on our walking tour we ran into this graffiti. The "hooligans" (disgruntled youth of Belgrade-basically a gang) designed this and there are men who sit out front and guard it. No lie. It says something like we will we will give up our money and our women and our homes, but never each other. We managed to sneak a picture.
Worst inflation in the history of the world about 15 years ago. Old bill our tour guide had.
We passed the zoo. You know why I took this picture.

Heading into the fortress-20 centuries old!
We've arrived!

The fortress.
Our awesome tour guide-free 2 hour walking tour of Belgrade!

Oh just me and a fortress built in the 1st century. No big deal.

And two rivers diverged into one...
More of Belgrade.

Onward we go!
This poor guy could barely walk without stepping on his ears.
The famous ? Restaurant! It has been there for sooo many years. The story is that the owner had put a "Bar" sign up at first, but because it was across the street from a Church the priest said he had to take the offensive sign down. The owner took it down, replaced the sign with a ? sign and it stuck. Years later it is doing better than ever.

Drinking the traditional liquor of Serbia. It was STRONG.

Best meal EVER. Yes that is a pot of lamb cooked for 6 hours in a traditional Serbian kitchen.
Largest Orthodox Church in Serbia-holds 10,000 people and has been in constructed off and on for 100 years.

Inside-it really is huge!

Gorgeous fountains at dusk.
Buildings bombed by NATO in 1999. They left some still standing as monuments.

More bombed buildings.

Finally back to Romania!


  1. Its the Moscow Hotel. The awesome building you don't know what was used for.

  2. Loveit, loveit, LOVEIT! Girl you should write for a travel mag!

  3. Thank you for sharing. I grew up on Skadarska Ulica.

  4. Yes, I'd recognize Hotel Moskva from any angle! I love Belgrade, especially in sunshine. I'm sure Romania has its own version of rakija (traditional liquor) that's just as STRONG, LOL - be careful!

    Thanks for your beautiful photos, Sara

  5. I haven't been back in years!! these put on smile on my face. ;-)

  6. Love your pictures, gal! You have lived more than most do in a lifetime! ;-)