Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Baking. Yes-I baked Bread.

Below are some pictures of my first time baking Cozonac, one of the traditional breads in Romania, usually served around Christmas time. OK-so it was the first time I baked ANY bread from scratch. You know me, and you know this was a big moment.

And...I was successful!  But that was only because I had Cristina helping me, an expert baker and wonderful friend. Thanks Cristina! A whole blog post will be dedicated to my second attempt at making it ALONE, coming soon-you KNOW it won't be as pretty. :)
Kneading dough-excuse the no-makeup and possible sweat dripping down my face.. it was hard work!
Kneading dough for what seemed like FOREVER.
Right before they went into the oven!

So. Proud.
Look at that bread!!

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