Saturday, April 24, 2010

Planning/Packing/H1N1 Vaccine

Today is Saturday, the day I was going to try to sleep in just a bit. However, I was awake at 5:30AM, my mind already racing with things to do. The excitement of this adventure has really put a cramp in my sleep! :) Nevertheless, I was up and decided to make my list of things I need to do today.

1. Make another list of things I need to pick up this week. This past week I purchased a large duffel bag and a 15 degree sleeping bag from a company that gives a KILLER Peace Corps discount. I also picked up a North Face pack to use for weekend trips or hiking for the day. However the list of things to buy keeps growing, from things like index cards to thermal underwear. MUST TACKLE MORE OF THIS LIST TODAY.

2. Try to find a place that gives the H1N1 vaccine for free. I know that the Fairfax Health Department does, however they are closed for renovations and instead of driving out to Arlington to get it (and wasting gas), I might just go to CVS to get one for $15. Any suggestions? Luckily, this is the only shot I need to get before staging. I know a guy who left with the PC for the Philippines last year and he received 12 vaccines before he even started work at his site!

3. Meet with Mom to discuss BBQ plans.

4. Listen to at least an hour of the Romanian Language Lessons the PC sent me. I admit I am slacking on learning the language as I've been so busy planning and packing! WILL LEARN MORE ROMANIAN TODAY.

5. Fill out more forms that I received from PC for my housing and host family preference. I decided that I would like to live with a family with children. When learning a language, I have found that children are much easier to understand because they speak slower, and they are MUCH faster at correcting you when you speak wrong! :)

6. Start packing up my room to move back home.

So that is what I can think of right now...I know there are a million and one more things I need to take care of, but this will do for today.


  1. Sara, your blog site is beautiful. I found it after I had set up my own and didn't want you to think I had copied your title idea. It seemed an obvious one! I haven't written much yet. Too busy getting ready for the departure. More later. ;-)

  2. Thank you Clela! I actually JUST read your last post and i loved it. It sums up many of my feelings right now. Can't wait to meet you!